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Cataract Surgery Can Benefit Long-term Brain Health in Older Adults

In October a follow-up study was published regarding the multi-wave English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA). The study aimed to assess whether trajectories of cognitive decline differed before and after cataract surgery and compare those trajectories between older adults with cataract surgery and without cataract. They concluded that cataract surgery may have a positive impact on the trajectories of cognitive decline in later life:

“Cataract surgery was positively associated with a lower rate of cognitive decline among older adults in England, independent of risk factors for cognitive impairment including those related to age, gender, education, wealth, chronic diseases, depressive symptoms, and physical inactivity.”

(Maharani, Dawes, Nazroo, Tampubolon, Pendleton, on behalf of the SENSE-Cog WP1 group)

Read the entire study here.

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