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LASIK Surgery

Do you wish you could say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses for good? This can be a reality for those who qualify as candidates for LASIK. North Georgia Eye Associates is excited to be able to perform this life-changing vision correction procedure and change lives for the better, one set of eyes at a time!

What is LASIK?

Laser-assisted in-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is an FDA-approved vision correction procedure that corrects refractive errors. These include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

It is performed on nearly 1 million patients annually to help reduce dependency on visual aids and provide visual freedom. LASIK works because it permanently reshapes the cornea using an excimer and femtosecond laser.

Reshaping the cornea modifies the eye's focusing power to achieve unprecedented visual clarity. LASIK patients achieve better vision than they had with visual aids because their vision is corrected beyond their original prescription.

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What to expect

During the LASIK Procedure

You'll receive numbing eye drops before the LASIK procedure at North Georgia Eye Associates begins. These eye drops ensure you won't feel any pain during LASIK.

Once they have time to disperse over the surface of your eye, your LASIK surgeon will begin by creating an incision to make a flap in the surface of your cornea with the femtosecond laser. The flap is folded back before using an excimer laser to remove a precise and predetermined amount of tissue from the cornea.

The excimer laser is guided using computer technology to reshape the cornea and its curvature by removing microscopic amounts of tissue without damaging surrounding areas. The excimer laser is so precise that each pulse can remove 39 millionths of an inch of tissue.

The flap is repositioned after all necessary tissue is removed from the cornea. It stays in position without stitches or sutures and acts as a bandage during healing.

Who is a

Good Candidate for LASIK?

A lot makes LASIK seem like an attractive vision correction procedure, but is it right for you? You may be a good LASIK candidate if:

You're at least 18 years old, as LASIK is only FDA-approved for those 18 and older
You have a stable prescription that's remained unchanged for a year or more
You're not currently pregnant or nursing
You have thick enough corneas
You're in good health
You have realistic expectations about what LASIK can achieve
Your prescription is within the treatment limits and isn't too strong
You have no other preexisting eye conditions beyond refractive errors

If you think you may be a good LASIK candidate, the only way to find out is by scheduling a LASIK consultation at North Georgia Eye Associates.

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What Makes LASIK at North Georgia Eye Associates Worth it?

Most patients who have LASIK end up with 20/20 vision or better. LASIK is an incredible procedure, but when you choose LASIK at North Georgia Eye Associates, you're choosing the best.

We take pride in always offering our patients the latest and most state-of-the-art technology available. One of the things that sets us apart is we use the Alcon WaveLight®EX500 excimer laser.

The EX500 is the newest and fastest laser system available in the U.S., enhancing the precision, reliability, and safety of laser vision correction. The EX500 combines many innovations to improve treatment success and visual results for patients.


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Getting LASIK at North Georgia Eye Associates means choosing the best. Are you ready to change your life? Take the next step on your visual journey by requesting your LASIK consultation at North Georgia Eye Associates now!
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