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Light Adjustable Lens

The Light Adjustable Lens is one of the most revolutionary intraocular lenses now available at North Georgia Eye Associates. After cataract surgery, choose the only customizable IOL.

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens, also called LAL, is a new type of intraocular lens that can have its focusing power adjusted after cataract surgery. Unlike traditional monofocal and multifocal IOLs, which have a fixed power, the LAL contains a light-sensitive material that allows your eye doctor to fine-tune your vision after you've recovered from cataract surgery.

Your eye doctor is able to accomplish this during a series of light treatments by using a special UV light delivery device. This provides a completely customizable lens that can be optimized for your eyes and allows you to test drive your vision.

Light Adjustable Lens

Do you have cataracts and need cataract surgery? When you need to have your cataracts removed, there's an essential component to decide on before the procedure: choosing an intraocular lens.

The Light Adjustable Lens is a trailblazing IOL providing patients with the customized vision they want and is now available to cataract patients at North Georgia Eye Associates.

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How Does the

Light Adjustable Lens Function?

The LAL is uniquely designed to be altered by UV light. During the initial cataract surgery, your cataract surgeon will implant the customizable IOL in your eye after the cloudy natural lens has been removed.

At first, the lens power will be near your estimated vision needs. Then, after you've healed from the procedure, your eye doctor will perform a series of follow-up treatments to further refine your vision.

Using a special UV delivery device that is placed in front of your eye, specific areas of the LAL will be exposed to UV light. This changes the structure of the lens and adjusts its curvature and corrective power.

You may need a few treatments with the Light Delivery Device in order to reach your desired vision outcome. After the treatment, you will be able to test drive your vision to ensure it is at the clarity you feel is best.

What is Recovery Like

After Cataract Surgery with the Light Adjustable Lens?

Recovery from cataract surgery with the Light Adjustable Lens is typically just as smooth and fast as recovery with any other IOL. The most significant difference in recovery is that you will need to return to your eye doctor's office for treatments with the Light Delivery Device to perfect your vision.

You may also need to wear sunglasses to avoid exposing your eyes to UV light prior to finalizing your vision. Your eye doctor will give you detailed instructions on how to prevent complications and ensure you have optimal results.

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Am I a Good Candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens?

If you want the potential for perfect vision after cataract surgery and do not mind going through a short series of painless follow-up treatments, the Light Adjustable Lens may be right for you. This innovative IOL not only corrects cataracts but gives you an opportunity for visual freedom.

The best way to know whether or not the Light Adjustable Lens may be right for you is to discuss your options with your cataract surgeon. They will be able to tell you the pros and cons of each IOL so you are able to weigh your choices.

When discussing IOL options, your eye doctor will ask you about your vision goals, budget, and lifestyle. Although the Light Adjustable Lens will be more expensive than other options, such as a standard IOL, it is an excellent investment in customized vision for many people.

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Get Started

Do you want to learn more about the Light Adjustable Lens or determine if this lens may be right for you? Find out more about this incredible IOL by requesting an appointment at North Georgia Eye Associates in Gainesville, GA, today!

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