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It’s that time of year again … Halloween is nearly upon us! While it is a fun and exciting time – especially for the little ones – it can also expose us to some unsafe situations.

A few important eye safety tips for Halloween:

  • Avoid costumes with masks, wigs, floppy hats, eye patches, etc. that could block vision or irritate eyes.
  • Avoid pointed props (such as spears, swords or wands) that might harm other children’s eyes.
  • Avoid giving very young children lollipops – the sticks can cause eye injuries.
  • Use hypoallergenic makeup. Have an adult apply the makeup and remove it with cold cream instead of soap, making sure to keep it away from the eye area.
  • Cosmetic contacts that make your eyes look like cat’s eyes may seem harmless, but they are not! These lenses come with the same risks as regular contact lenses:
    • Improper use of cosmetic lenses can lead to serious eye complications, including bacterial infections, swelling, eye pain, sensitivity to light, conjunctivitis (pink eye), corneal scratches, corneal ulceration and even permanent loss of sight.
    • Never buy cosmetic contacts without a prescription! Never share your cosmetic contacts with others or use someone else’s contacts.
    • Cosmetic contacts are a fad that seems to be popular with teens right now. Please check your older kids’ costumes before letting them leave the house. If they are wearing these contacts, and they didn’t get them from your eye doctor, be aware of the dangers. If they need convincing, have them watch the video at left featuring the contact lens specialist for American Horror Story.
    • Get more detailed information in the American Optometric Association’s article about decorative contacts.

These tips were borrowed from a much longer list compiled by the Prevent Blindness website. Read the full list of tips here. Stay safe and have fun this Halloween!