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Pay-It-Forward Kindness to Prevent Blindness

Did you know that 1.3 billion people live with vision impairment worldwide? The top two causes of global vision impairment are uncorrected refractive errors and unoperated cataracts.

North Georgia Eye Associates would like to highlight Blindness Awareness Month as the month comes to an end in a special way. North Georgia Eye Associates love the community close to home and the world beyond in helping patients prevent blindness.

In observance of Blindness Awareness Month, we wanted to take time out to share the excellent volunteer services that our very own Dr. Jack Chapman has continued to provide to patients around the world. Dr. Chapman has been extending his talents as a surgeon to resident students from Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Peru. Since the COVID outbreak, it has been a challenge to travel to these areas to do any mission work. Dr. Chapman has taken time out of his schedule to continue his volunteer mission work during a pandemic through a Zoom Call setting with the non-profit organization ACE (Advanced Center for Eyecare) with these outstanding students. These students will help their communities of patients with surgery techniques learned to help prevent blindness.

It is an amazing pay-it-forward action that Dr. Chapman continues to participate in and makes a difference to the patient’s vision worldwide. Dr. Chapman was asked to share his thoughts on Blindness Awareness Month and this is what he said, “On the occasion of Blindness Awareness Month, let us stand together and make more people aware of blindness and issues of vision. It has been an honor to help other doctors across the globe to help patients’ sight. Eyes are what connect us to this world every day. The world is beautiful, make sure you protect your eyesight, so you don’t miss it. Be happy and stay healthy!”

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