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Nearly 40,000 sports-related eye injuries — mostly from contact sports and blunt trauma — occur each year in the United States, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. And children account for one-third of those injuries.

Wearing protective eyewear is the easiest way to prevent 90% of sports-related eye injuries. If you or a family member are an athlete, keep a pair of goggles in your home or car so you’re always prepared.

Protective eye gear is particularly important for sports that involve a fast-moving ball such as tennis, racquetball, soccer, softball or baseball (particularly infielders).

The most common eye injuries in sports are abrasions and contusions, detached retinas, corneal lacerations, cataracts, hemorrhages and loss of an eye.

So don’t take chances — wear protective gear to maintain your eye health and precious sight.