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Stacy Young and Dr. Albert Maguire.
Photo courtesy of Brian Holmes: Scheie Eye Institute
Written by: Susanne Medeiros and Beatrice Shelton
Reviewed by: Rebecca J Taylor MD
Jun. 05, 2017

Think only those who play carelessly with fireworks get injured? Meet Stacy Young. She was sitting more than 100 yards away from a firework display when she was struck in the head. Her skull was fractured in five places, she lost an eye, half her face was burned black, her hair, gone.

About 100 people had gathered in an open field bordering a state park in rural Pennsylvania for a casual, pre-Fourth of July backyard barbecue. Stacy had been sitting cross-legged on the ground, chatting with a friend reclining on a hammock strung between two trees.

The sound reached her first. “You know the sound,” Stacy said. “The air-sucking sound and then the bang, and then blood-curdling screams.” At first, Stacy didn’t know she had been hit. The friend she was speaking to was on fire from the debris, and was struggling to remove her shirt. Stacy screamed for water. And that’s the last thing she saw.

“Out of nowhere, my vision went completely dark, and I couldn’t see a thing,” Stacy said.

She was told she would never see again, but with the help of her ophthalmologists, physicians who specialize in medical and surgical eye care, her sight was saved – twice.  Read the full story here: