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May is Healthy Vision Month

Spring is here with lots of sunshine and warmer weather, leading to many people exercising and having fun outdoors. It is something about the warm weather that encourages us to live a healthier and more physical fitness lifestyle that includes eating fruits and vegetables, long walks in the park, and even having a set goal weight. These are all great lifestyle changes that are great for your overall health, but did you know that making these healthy choices will positively impact your eyes? It’s true!

May is Healthy Vision Month, so while your focus is on looking great and feeling good, know that maintaining your fitness and health helps your vision in the long run!

The American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests making your eye health a priority by taking these additional precautions to keep your eyes safe and your vision protected:

Schedule A Comprehensive Eye Exam, Including Dilation

Visiting your eye doctor can help identify the early stages of eye diseases that often have little to no symptoms.

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking, weight gain, and chronic conditions often leave a patient predisposed to eye health issues such as blindness, diabetic eye diseases, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Create a family fun environment by cooking a meal together by incorporating colorful fruits and vegetables. Also, don’t forget to add omega-3 fatty acids, which have many eye health benefits and help prevent the development of many health and eye-related issues.

Use Protective Eyewear

Whether you are playing sports, taking care of your yard, or working at a job that requires safety glasses, protective eyewear can save you from painful and long-lasting eye injuries. Safety glasses are made from unique materials that are stronger than your regular glasses or sunglasses. Invest in protecting your peepers!

Wear Sunglasses

Sunny days are not the only time to put on a pair of shades; cloudy days can damage your eyes with UV rays and reflections, causing avoidable eye damage.

Celebrate yourself, commit to your eye health for Healthy Vision Month, and schedule an eye exam today!

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