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Ophthalmology group continues to invest in technology, bring state-of-the-art procedures to Northeast Georgia

North Georgia Eye Associates has become the first practice in Georgia to use innovative technology, Verion, that aids its ophthalmologists in performing groundbreaking bladeless laser cataract surgeries in Northeast Georgia.

Verion is an image-guided system that guides the laser during laser cataract surgery, eliminating many of the surgical variables and achieving even better results. Ophthalmologists at Gainesville Eye performed the first Georgia surgery with Verion on Tuesday, March 25. 

North Georgia Eye Associates was also the first practice in the state of Georgia to perform laser cataract surgery. LenSx bladeless surgery uses a computer-controlled laser that allows the cataract surgeons to plan and perform the surgery to exact, individual specifications not attainable with other surgical procedures. Laser cataract surgery is safer, more accurate and offers a faster recovery to patients. 

Verion will make cataract surgery even more accurate and add a new level of control to every step of the procedure,” said Dr. Jack Chapman, Gainesville Eye ophthalmologist. “We are focused on bringing new technology and innovations to Northeast Georgia so that our patients can enjoy the very best treatments, and more importantly, outcomes, available.”

The Verion imaged guided system is the only planning and guidance system designed to improve accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire refractive cataract procedure, enabling eye surgeons to consistently achieve their patients’ visual correction goals.

Verion creates a detailed map of the patient’s eye by measuring certain features. This is an important development as eyes are as unique as fingerprints — each one is different. 

The information gathered by Verion follows the patient into the operating room, where ophthalmologists can view the “map” through their microscope. The system tells the ophthalmologists where to make incisions based on the measurements and allows for perfect placement of lenses each time.

Gainesville Eye ophthalmologists were already using the LenSx laser, the LuxOR LX3 ophthalmic microscope and the Centurion vision system to perform laser cataract surgeries. With the addition of the Verion machine, the surgery center is now utilizing the complete Alcon Cataract Refractive Suite.

Cataracts are a clouding of your eye’s natural lens that occurs in people ages 55 years and older. In fact, half of all Americans have them or have had cataract surgery by age 80. Cataracts can make sharp objects appear blurry, make colors look dull, and cause trouble seeing at night.

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