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Laser Cataract Surgery Near Me - Gainesville Eye Associates

Today, North Georgia Eye Associates became the first practice in Georgia to use the Verion image-guided system to perform bladeless laser cataract surgeries.

The Verion imaged guided system is the only planning and guidance system designed to improve accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire refractive cataract procedure, enabling eye surgeons to consistently achieve their patients’ visual correction goals.

Verion creates a detailed map of the patient’s eye by measuring certain features. This is an important development as eyes are as unique as fingerprints — each one is different. 

The information gathered by Verion follows the patient into the operating room, where ophthalmologists can view the “map” through their microscope. The system tells the ophthalmologists where to make incisions based on the measurements and allows for perfect placement of lenses each time.

Gainesville Eye ophthalmologists were already using the LenSx laser, the LuxOR LX3 ophthalmic microscope and the Centurion vision system to perform laser cataract surgeries. With the addition of the Verion machine, the surgery center is now utilizing the complete Alcon Cataract Refractive Suite.

In 2011, North Georgia Eye Associates was the first practice in Georgia to perform laser cataract surgery.